Sunday, May 29, 2011

Choleric Sanguine

So, since I have been thinking about making a blog, I have also been racking my brain for a name. For some reason, I was so distraught because I thought "I need a good name, so other people will follow it!" Really? Humble pie Elise? So, after a humbling moment of realizing, that the 5 followers that may follow my crazy antics, will probably be more precious to me than 5,000 followers could be (or so I think), the name really shouldn't matter.

Anyway, I could not really think of any names other than Choleric Sanguine, and on thinking about it for the last few hours, I realize, it is the prefect name. Choleric Sanguine is my personality type (based on the temperaments, Personality Plus is a great book to learn all about them!) and I am studying psychology at TU. I also have the tendency to observe new people and find out what their temperament combination. So, in reality, the title of this blog does indeed describe me! So, to everyone (or no one) who ever reads my blog, I am quite excited for this endeavor of blogging! If it is only therapeutic for me, I am okay with that!

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