Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forever the Conformist

I finally did it. I got a blog. Though I feel justified because I did not get on the band wagon until I was in college. So, it was my independent decision! Ha! Though I will say I will not join twitter anytime soon. I facebook stalk, that is the limit, in my opinion. I have opened my horizons though and decided to make a blog. Frankly, I don't really know what this blog will be. I know I will probably put photos up from photo shoots I may do, and little quirky topics here and there. I may offend some people, I may cause controversy, but my main point is, these are my opinions, not fact, this is my opinion on life, not facts about life itself. So, be kind internet and do not scorn me for my ideas on life. Not everyone agrees on everything, but I still love you all!!! Make your own blog if you so feel that I am not doing it justice, I will not be offended. So, I hope to be embraced by the blogging community and shown some grace, as I will try and do to others. (For indeed, the golden rule is a good rule to follow!) So, let the journey of blogging begin!

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