Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a Downer Day

You remember the book "Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"? I just lived that experience times ten today! I won't go into details, for indeed, everyone can sit back and think of a really rotten day. Who knows? Maybe today was your day that just stunk! Anyway, the immediate thought with that is, "I should self wallow, I should have ME time!" Because usually, those bad days are because one does not feel like they did anything really wrong, others did! At least I did, though throughout the day, I kept thinking "man, I am in a bad mood!" but the next thought was, "oh those people...." (Note: This day was an onset of hormones, tiredness, stress, people, situations, so many factors, not just one person or thing)

My point is, these bad days just stink! There really isn't a "cure" other than to get some Ben and Jerrys and just have a selfish moment! Sadly, I did not do this, probably because I keep thinking that I should stay away from the ice cream for one, and that having a selfish moment at this time will not help the situation. The day happened, it wasn't the best, it was probably one of the worst, but you know what, God was in those moments, holding my hand (and my temper) and being a balm, and I did not even recognize it!

Funny side point, I was coming home from said bad day, and I heard on the radio "Recent studies show that taking a cold shower can make one happy, endorphines kick in quickly when one takes a cold shower" and my immediate, though sarcastic remark was, "I need a cold shower quick!"

While the joke is funny, it is also true, sometimes I really want a selfish moment, selfish day, heck selfish week! But as a Christian, I have to remind myself, "Jesus did not take a selfish moment, goodness, he would go straight to God if he was feeling afraid or scared" and that is probably my dilema, I am not turning to God in those moments. I am human, and being selfish in nature, I turn to myself. This is not to excuse those moments, but it is a reminder to myself that I need to strive to turn to God in those moments of terrible horribleness, because truly He is the only one who can be the balm in those moments, Ben and Jerry's can only fill the stomache and work its way down to the thighs :)

I apologize for the ramblings on of this note, I haven't had the best day, and it is almost midnight.

So, to anyone out there who has had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, I wish to hug you, and to remind you, God is in control, these are fleeting moments in the walk of eternity with God. Kisses!!