Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eternal Life

I am a fan of Christian Romances, partly for the romantic in me, and also for my safety in knowing that my mind is not prone to wander if there are sexual undertones that are not safe for my mind and soul. The final thing is that I can always see God speaking to me through the story I am reading, because usually (not always) the characters walks with Christ are a central point and a learning moment. So, that being said, I have been reading a series by Lori Wick (probably my favorite author in the genre) and I came upon a paragraph that really made me pause. The heroine was talking about how while she may not be rich, she always things about how she has eternal life.

The devil has been making me doubt my future (though I should not worry to begin with, since I do not know God's ultimate and wonderful plan!) especially money. We all are talking about debt and the economy, and what the future holds. I get caught up in the talk and have been thinking about my major and specifically what I wish to do with that major. I am a psychology major and I have been debating whether to get a Ph. D so I can get more money, or just get my masters and while not get more money, still do something I will enjoy. I have been trying to pray to God to guide me, but for some reason, I keep going back to wanting a nice house, being able to afford things for my future kids (meaning I am planning on having a husband, who I have yet to meet). Do you see the pattern? I am worrying and deciding my future without God. The thing is, I do know my future, eternal life. I forget how wonderful and awesome that gift really is. I may not be able to buy TOMS at the moment, but I have eternal life. I may not get into the grad school I want, but I have eternal life. I may mess up and sin everyday of my life, but through Jesus' blood and God's grace, I have eternal life!!! So, I encourage everyone to jump with joy and praise God, because we have eternal life!!! If you do not know God, I want to tell you all about Him!! Happy Afternoon!!!

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