Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Ties

My parents just left for home after spending the weekend in Tulsa for Parents Weekend. And I question myself, because since halfway through Spring Semester, I have gotten teary eyed and cried when I leave my parents or when they leave me. The thought of not being able to see Rachel every week makes me uneasy. I keep asking myself why? Why do I get so emotional when I see and leave my family? I have also been lately noticing just how close my family really is. Is this a problem? Why are we so close? Why am I so emotional and do not want to leave my family?

And then I realized, this is how God created us, this is how God wished us to be. Not just nuclear families, but as a body of Christ. God designed us so that we would crave God and one another. From a mate, to a friend, to a body of church members. Yet if you look at each relationship, the more distant people become. Usually one is very open and close with their mate, pretty close with friends, and depending on the friendships, the church body we can or can't be close with. Now, there are of course reasons why one would not be as close with the body of Christ as with a mate, but let's think about family. Why can't the body of Christ be as close as a family?

Imagine it, going to church is like a homecoming, and the people you see you want to spend as much time as possible, when you have to leave, you honestly will miss the people until you see them again, and when you are gone, you keep in contact to make sure they are okay. Wouldn't that be a beautiful group of believers? People would desire to know what it is that made this group of people so close. I truly believe that God made us for that reason. Yet I can also sadly admit that I am not extremely close with First Presbyterian Church (I am with the college students, but even then there is room for improvement) and that unsettles me. So that is a new goal for me, to start trying to have a family relationship with the body of Christ I am involved with. I can't wait for others to come to me because that is like asking God to forgive me my sins but just continuing to sin and waiting for God to take away the sin. I have to be bold in order for others to feel confident to maybe do so also. Family is precious and we can expand that to our churches.