Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Works Mean Nothing

Tonight I have been completely convicted. After Cru we went to a volunteer's house and talked about evangelizing. If anyone knows me for a while, they would know my history with evangelizing is not a healthy one.

Growing up, I did not hear a thing about evangelism or what it was about or why we should do it. On a mission trip, some of the people who I went with joked around about evangelism and how horrible it was to go up to strangers and preach the gospel. I took this in and thought "I will only tell people who I know well", actually this did not work, because I did not know how to tell people about Jesus or why we needed Jesus frankly because I did not really know why I should choose Jesus. A year later I was at a bible church youth group and the youth pastor told us the steps to become a Christian via a evangi-cube. He then had us pile into SUVs and go door to door evangelizing. I was completely freaked out and shut down immediately. Through the youth group again, we went on ski trips where the main goal was to evangelize on the lifts. Before the ski trips both times I got very sick, high fever, shivers, etc. just because I was so scared to evangelize. I thought "okay, some people have the gift of evangelism and some people don't, so I am off the hook." Wrong.

Evangelism is not wrong, that is not my point in the story above. Throughout my life, no one mentioned why I personally should do it. People said I should save souls for Christ, but it was always implied that this was a job, not a moving of the spirit.

Fast forward to this summer. I went to Point 11 with the youth group I was interning with, and a speaker came and moved me. He talked about evangelizing like it was breathing, if I did not spread the gospel, how was I growing with God? If I loved God so much, it should overflow and telling others about Christ is that overflow. It made sense to me, I evangelize because God so loved us, why would I want to walk around on this Earth knowing others do not know Him? I was inspired but timid because I knew the Laws of Christ, but I did not know how to go about starting conversations, how do I make the truths flow, etc?

Fast forward to tonight. A woman I look up to greatly had us over and we each gave our 3 minute testimony. I had not thought about it much, but I started making connections from others testimonies and pieces it with my testimony. It was wonderful! I saw how I could tell my story, insert the Gospel, and never make it awkward! We then talked about other ways to go about sharing the Gospel, and throughout the night I kept thinking "Wow, I can do this, I need to do this!" Towards the end, we were joking about abnoxious ways to start conversations! I loved it because I knew God was in it all, He was showing me how much sharing the Gospel is not a job, it is not a burden or a rule, but it is an extension of me, of me loving others and wanting others to know Him ultimately. So I come back and I read Facebook, for some reason lots of theology and opinions are posted about things. None of them talked about loving Christ and spreading the message to others. It was more politics than encouragement.

It really unsettled me, because I too get caught up in the politics of life. If I just do X, then I will grow closer to God. Once I have my testimony memorized and lots of bible verses, then I can share the Gospel to someone. NO! I need to share NOW, I have allowed too many people walk through my life without knowing about Christ. That has to stop. Who cares about politics? Why do we get so caught up in it all? Because in reality it is not involving us. God calls each of us individually to share the GOOD news, not the burdensome news. We are to love ultimately, and sadly I have seen it as a plague, that I cannot do or want to do. So, this blog may seem a little "you heathens!" but in reality, I think we all need to be shaken up and realize that if we are not following the Great Command each and every day, how can we possibly follow the Great Commandments ever? Just a few thoughts floating in my head.

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