Thursday, March 8, 2012

Using My Voice

I have decided to put up another blog post! God is incredibly awesome. I wish I had blogged about Winter Conference, for it truly transformed how I understand God. He has been moving my heart and spirit to be more conscious of who I am portraying to others. Is it me, or is it Christ?

This leads me to Kony 2012. Why you ask? When I first saw the video I thought "Wow, I love what this guy is doing!" And then a follow sociology major posted how she was skeptical about posting how this movement actually doesn't have very good roots. While I do not fully know what all Invisible Children does, what I have read and learned makes me pause. The Uganda military regularly rapes and loiters, and this is the group IC wants to send to find Kony to kill him and get justice. Yes, I have a problem with that, but I am not going to judge another man's sins, hence why I am so uncomfortable by how people want this "justice." We are all saying we want to make Kony famous in order to kill him or arrest him. We want him to pay for his sins, because we think his sins are horrible and despicable. Hold on, doesn't God see all sin as equal? So isn't my sin just as bad as Kony? God has wiped my slate clean through the blood of Christ, but has Kony? Does Kony know about Christ? Has anyone sat down to try and tell Kony who Jesus is? Do we have faith in God to transform this man's heart? My worry is if Kony today walked out of the jungles and proclaimed Jesus as his Savior, many people (Christians and others) will cry for justice, for blood to be shed for the lives he has killed. Where is love in this all? I am praying that God's Will be done in this, and I pray Kony can experience God's love and that someone (even if God calls me) is open to telling him about an Everlasting Father who loves Kony and sent Jesus to die for his sins.

Another thing that disturbs me, many people I love and adore greatly post this video immediately after they have seen it and send money to this foundation. We are so convinced of this cause (Winter Conference reference) that we are letting everyone know about this man. What about Christ? Not many of us (including myself) are not so quick to post to let others know about Christ. I am not talking about posting some scripture, but in every one on one conversation bringing up our cause, our Cross. We don't. We are too scared of what others will think. Yet we will post about wanting Kony's blood? We want to make Kony famous in 2012, what about Christ? I want to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ to not jump on this band wagon of Kony. We as humans can do NOTHING to truly bring Kony to justice. God's Will for this man and for each of our lives is for HIS GLORY. Kony will die and no one will remember him in the years to come, because evil will bring another man and another and another. Are we as Christians not called to spread the gospel to all the nations? Why not put money towards missions and missionaries? They are trying to let people like Kony know who Christ is. Is that not a beautiful cause? There are people in our lives right now who do not know about a beautiful gift called grace through Jesus Christ, we are walking by and not even glancing at them. Yes, Africa is suffering, but people all around us are suffering and we are not even caring! I know I have passed many a person and thought "Oh no God, you don't want me to talk to that person" and God has wept because I am trying to control his destiny for me! I am trying to find the "good" people to talk to about Christ. EVERYONE SHOULD HEAR THIS BEAUTIFUL NEWS. Yet we post about Kony instead. I am challenging myself to let Christ become the center, that He become famous in 2012, not as a hypocrite, but that everyone is proclaiming His name and knows what He has done for this broken world.