Sunday, June 24, 2012

Becoming a “Responsible” “Adult”

I entered a bit of the real world this week. I have a 9-5 job M, T, TH, F. I have my own desk, computer, and phone. It feels like I am playing the game grown-ups or something. It doesn’t feel like I could very soon be entering this world permanently.
I was picked up by my boss at the west building rotunda (that is a circular room in the middle of a building) and we headed to the east building. I got to my desk which had streamers around it, a welcome poster, and a basket of goodies, courtesy of my boss’ boss’ assistant (the only woman near me that I interact with). My boss gave me a thorough orientation of what department I am working in, who works around me, what we do for Cru, etc. He even gave me a cheat sheet for when people come up and introduces themselves I will know their name and what section they work in!
If you don’t know where I am working, I shall tell you! I am in the Office of Development but I am not really working for the department. I am doing research for a team that will be trying to help Destino. Destino is our Latino section of Cru that tries to reach Latino students on campus. The group has been struggling specifically with support raising. Many Destino staff cannot raise/keep full support and Cru has the general policy that one cannot work on a campus until they reach full support. So this is a problem because staff are not able to reach campuses and make connections because the support raising is so difficult and can take a long time. So I am doing initial research that combs through what might help the team once they assemble and figure out new inventive ways to help Destino reach into their communities to get support.
My job consists of a lot of reading which will be challenging (cause I will think this is school work) but also fascinating because I will be challenged and stretched in many different views and ways of thinking. I am beyond excited and know that while I will be discouraged and confused at times (I already have been) I know my work will in the long run really help and grow Destino to be able to minister to Latino students. I will constantly remind myself, am I focused on the Lord? Why is God calling this group together? Because I know it is all for us to reach some we have not been able to reach through Cru, it is all to further the Great Commission. Sometimes that is hard to see when I am reading a bunch of articles that make this project seem hopeless. That just means Cru is going to be one of the first organizations to helps others learn the best ways to raise support in Latino communities, and I am blessed to be chosen to jump start this journey!

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