Sunday, June 24, 2012

Experiencing Community

I will never understand God fully. I will never truly understand grace and why God would allow His Son to die for all the black things I have done. I will never know why God decided to bless me by allowing me to come on this project and catch a glimpse of what true community is.
This summer project is opening my eyes to what can happen if Christians come together and live life together. While I have indeed caught moments of this in life, this is the longest time I have continually seen how beautiful community is when everyone is trying to walk in the same direction.
In just our house, there was this unspoken agreement that we would come to the group if we have any problems and we all respect and love each other, junk and everything! There has yet to be a night where we aren’t laughing and doing crazy silly things (like turning off all the lights and trying to scare a roommate) but also there is a time each night where we sit together and talk about things we are struggling with. I have never done this, where I honestly open up about things my closest friends may not even know about. Every time someone opens up someone else is struggling with a similar thing. But at the end we don’t just break up and go about life, we stop and pray about the struggles right then. I am so use to ending with “Well, I will be praying for you about that” and in all honestly I usually don’t remember to pray for it. How much better would life be if we prayed about problems right when they are occurring? I know honestly speaking I say I will pray for a  lot of things but I forget and go about life. If I prayed right then for the problem, I do not need to feel like I broke a promise because I am fulfilling the unspoken promise to life that person up.
In our group, while I am not opening up all my problems with the guys, we still have heartfelt conversations that push my way of thinking. We are always going out into the community to spread the gospel. I know I could not do this unless I was surrounded by so many bold Christians who are just as scared and willing to put their faith on the spot. Not only that, but I want to hang out with the group as much as I can, because every conversation is different, funny, meaningful, and wonderful.
I feel so sanguine here! I am so much more social and hyper than I have been in a few years. I think it is because I am so busy. I thrive off of being busy and that energy just exudes from me when I am around the group. Mind you, I can still have my serious moments, but I hear lots of “calm down Elise” that I haven’t heard in a while. I also have never experienced the desire to continue community, usually in life I get tired of people by this time and just want to hang out with certain people. But I think since God has brought such an intentional group together who all love Him and want to have community, the community just keeps growing stronger.
I want to take this back to my campus. I want to keep growing my community base and desire to want to hang out with people more than just having time to myself (aka watching way too much TV). Because when community is happening, not only am I growing, but it actually allows me opportunity to learn about others and their struggles. Not just community with Christians, but with everyone, to learn peoples stories I need to be with people, not in alone. God did not create people to live alone in their own bubble, He desires us to live in community with others to challenge and grow one another. Not only that, He wants that community to be with Him. If I am alone, why would I want to be with God? But when I am with others who challenge me, I will want to go to the Lord more because He is making this all happen.  I am so blessed that God would allow me this precious little moment in time to actually see true community and desire it for when I leave this place.

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