Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am Alive!

I am alive and I made it safely to Orlando!

The plane flight went smoothly and I AM IN LOVE WITH MY SUMMER PROJECT!

When I arrived at project I first was a little more introverted (I know, completely not me!) and taking everything in. But within an hour I was being sassy and super sanguine!!! And guess what, people didn't run away from me!

The girls I live with are all super wonderful and we get along so well. No one has been so accepting and delightful in such a short amount of time. The first night we had dinner all together and I was laughing so hard throughout the night because everyone is so quick witted and funny!

From what I have learned most everyone on project will actually work with others on project in a department. Only I and another student that I know of will be in a department on our own, but I think that makes it all the more exciting! I am excited that at the end of each day I will be able to go back to my house (5 of us girls live in a house together and it will not be disastrous!) and tell others all the adventures I had!

This entire week is orientation so we are going through schedules, evangelism training, bible studies, planning team meetings, tours, evanglism on the beach, and DISNEY WORLD! Yes folks, I shall be going to Disney World within my first week in Orlando. (I found out we do not have a planned outing to HP World but I am arranging one for a Sunday afternoon. I shall go before I leave this city!) I am so stoked, I have only been to Disneyland and have always wanted to go to Disney World!!!!

This team is so special and wonderful, we have been close since this journey began and I feel as if this is ending because usually once a group gets really close it is because the time is ending and it has taken forever to actually open up and be vulnerable. I don't know what Cru does, but they open us up and make us vulnerable within the first few days and that just means the people I live with for the next 6 weeks are people I will have friendships with for a lifetime. I already see how God is placing these individuals into my life and showing me their strengths and how they can help me with my weaknesses.

I have yet to find a person on this project (and there are only 20 people so I have talked with most all of them already!) who I cannot find something in common with them (and I am talking personality traits, not that we both like chocolate) and it usually is a deep struggle or step in life that we are both experiencing. How does that happen? How can I not see this and think "God you planned this all and you knew I needed to be here." Because how could I have known what amazing students and leaders would come together and know that this summer IS going to be life changing.

Sorry if this post is not as detailed, I am very tired from my constant going from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. each day but I wanted to post to say I am alive and well and it is going so well!!! Also we don't have internet in our house so we shall probably make routine trips to the clubhouse (we live in a gated community, urban sociology has enticed me to study the culture around me!) to get the free wi-fi and write all my lovely adventures!


  1. this is so exciting!!! i love how you have connected deeply with others and felt like you can be your sassy self. see you SOON!!

  2. I am so glad to hear all is well and wonderful! I know you will have lots more to share in the weeks ahead, and I am excited to hear all about it. We'll miss you at Yogurt Story tomorrow night, though.