Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

If you thought from the title I would be declaring my undying love for someone (other than Jesus) I must correct you.

I am in love with Cru International Headquarters.

I have been on the 4th floor of one building throughout the week but on Thursday I finally got to get the full tour. To find out all of the ministries and branches that Campus Crusade is the umbrella of is astounding. I got to see what the Jesus Film is all about (check it out for international ministry!) what the President's office looks like (he has a standing desk) all the way to the awesome coffee bar in the National Campus Office!

For a while I have felt a tugging at maybe joining Cru staff, and seeing this place and all the God is doing does not help me see one way or the other!

I am also in love with DisneyWorld. We went there  on Friday and it was so much fun! I felt like a kid again seeing all the different rides and Disney characters! I kind of maybe screamed when I saw the princesses and princes performing in front of the castle, bless everyone in SP who stood and watched with me :)

Who knows what God shall reveal this summer to me and to the others around me, I just know this summer is already changing my life and outlook on what community is. I am loving this community of believers around me! I am holding up my roommates to get back to the house (we have no internet except at the clubhouse and I basically used the hour to skype my parents) but at some point I will try and sit down and process life. I start work tomorrow so I would love prayers for that!

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