Sunday, June 24, 2012

What is Moving Us?

I don’t know how I start thinking of these odd ideas from such simple things!!!
Let me explain:
My bible study got out before the one that meets at my house (mine is in the girls’ condo) so I was shut in my room thinking “I am so bored! I can’t read because I hear the girls conversation and get distracted and I have nothing else to do in my room! So I started listening to Tenth Avenue North and sat at the edge of my bed just thinking about little things. Then I picked up the bottle of aloe vera next to my bedside (I got burned when we went to Cocoa Beach, that wasn’t a fun experience) and I started to play with it. I have this green gel kind of aloe and when I want to squeeze some aloe out, I have to “move” the air bubble to the bottom of the bottle to get the aloe out. So I am playing around with the bubble and I thought “How fast does the bubble move?” I then started to proceed to watch the bubble move from the bottom toward the top. Out of nowhere (well really the Spirit) I had this thought in my heart “Which is moving which? Is the bubble moving through the aloe or is the aloe pushing the bubble up?”
Weird right? Kind of a chicken and egg question. And this thought from the Spirit made me think, the bubble is me and God’s love, grace, mercy, everything are the aloe. As I move around and think that I am moving within this world it is me pushing to the surface to reach God, but really God is surrounding me and guiding me to see Him.
This really floored me, because I think subconsciously I have forgotten that God is with us and He is guiding us and molding us, even when we don’t accept Him into our lives. This really excites me because while the bubble did reach the top of the bottle, the bubble was encased in aloe and aloe was supporting it. The bubble also is always changing and transforming shape, it is not a perfect sphere that moves from the top to the bottom. (You see where I am going?) God is always transforming me and lifting me up and also when I fall He is around me supporting me and guiding me back to His Will and His Glory. Does this not empower you to go out and allow God to transform you? He is there every moment guiding you in everything, the ups and downs, He is gently molding you more into His image and He does it again and again! What can stop you from doing His Glory? Allow Him to mold you.

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  1. I love the aloe illustration! I'm sure I'll remember it without needing a sunburn to remind me :)