Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking in the Future

One thing I love and appreciate about my internship is my boss. He is so terrific! Early on he asked if I could appreciate being coached on something I wanted to get out of the summer. The first thing that came to mind is finding out places in Cru that I might be able to work in once I graduate from college. I have done StrengthsFinder and surveyed friends and family to find who I am. Now we are transitioning to seeing what does Cru have that I could potentially do. So my boss asked me to write a page on what my ideal job would look like. Not in Cru necessarily, but just in general, if I could make up my own job description what would I be doing?

I have been struggling with it for 2 hours! It is not because I can't condense it down to 1 page, it is that I just have no idea!

I went back to the surveys to see what people said and saw a pattern (needs to be with people, maybe in ministry, with children, etc.) but that really wasn't helping. I went to my StrengthsFinder results and read over my strengths (Individualization, Responsibility, Communication, Developer, Connectedness) okay, that helped a little bit more. I then tried to not think about Cru, that helped more because I was trying to think of jobs I could do with my strengths. Since I don't know all the jobs Cru has I can't really fit my personality into that. I was also stressing because I don't necessarily see myself using my degrees (Sociology and Psychology) directly in my future job. I will use the concepts in how I interact and approach things, but I do not desire to do research or study people. I want to be with people. Through all of this I kept thinking, "This fits close to a counselor but it just doesn't fit, why?" I have been berating myself because I feel like I need to use my majors and the closest thing I could ever be is a counselor, but I don't see myself doing that!

I like helping people with problems, walking alongside them where they are at and giving them ideas and different ways to approach difficult situations, but I do not like just watching them struggle with it on their own. A counselor has to be able to step back and allow them to struggle through problems and you are essentially the parent waiting for the child to finally discover the problem. Something in me feels wrong about that. Obviously I am approach counseling in the broad sense and not all styles of counseling does this. But I so much prefer interacting with people and learning their stories than always trying to find the problems and helping them fix everything. My ideal job is me learning from people, interacting with people, loving people and encouraging them. Making them smile and laugh, being a leader but also allowing others to take the lead as well. I have not clue what God will put in my path as the ministry/job he needs me in, but I am much more content in feeling like I don't have to pursue counseling for who know what reason. Maybe after a few years I will find a type of counseling that fits me, but right now I so much prefer intentionally helping people with whatever, not psychological problems they can't seem to break through, but practical problems. I think I have finally finished the page assignment and my boss is going to connect me with an HR person who will help me see what secular jobs and Cru jobs might fit my personality. Let's see what God will bring to light!

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