Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Light of God

Last Thursday (July 5th) I was sitting on my bed doing reflection time. I was praying and I looked at my bedside table and I saw 3D glasses. On the 4th at the outreach they gave out these 3D glasses to put on for the fireworks show. They weren’t the 3D glasses one gets at the movies, but the ones that when you put them on and look into light the prism is broken and there is a pattern. I have seen these during Christmas time with snowmen, snowflakes, etc. so when you look into Christmas light you see snowmen coming out of the light. The ones on my bedside were like that but they weren’t any picture, more like squares. Anyway, I am doing reflection, laying on my bed and I decide to put them on.
The light on my ceiling is a square, so I was seeing squares upon squares of my light with rainbows all around it, so I reached up and tried to touch this beautiful light. My hands looked like they were translucent almost. I started to think about God.
When I put my hands in front of my face I could only see the outer edges of the light (God). When I barely started opening up my hands rainbows of light were shooting through.
When I decide to live like this Earth, I am putting my hands in front of my face and not allowing God to enter in. I am blinded, yet God is still there, I am the one putting a barrier between me and God. But once I start opening out my hands either from brokenness or curiosity, God is there. I give him an inch and he goes a mile. When I put my hands away from my face and just look at Him, I see the entire beautiful picture. I may not understand how the picture works or why it is that way, but I can still marvel at it and delight in it.
God never leaves me, I allow barriers to come up that prevent me from fully seeing him. God can come in and do things, but not as much as when I fully submit to Him.
How easy it is for me to try and make my hands fit into the picture, but like when I literally was doing it lying down, my hands are dark and it makes the picture worse than better. When I try and step in and become God is when my life can feel distorted and without hope. I tangle myself up in my own need for control. I am slowly learning what it means to give it all to the cross and letting my sins go and just walking towards the beauty.
“I see your face, in every sunrise.
The colors of the morning are inside your eyes.
The world awakens in the light of the day. I look up to the sky and say ‘You’re Beautiful’.
 I see your power in the moonlit night. When planets are in motion and galaxies are bright.
We are amazing in the light of the stars. It’s all proclaiming who you are, you’re beautiful.
You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful

I see you there hanging on a tree.
You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me.
Now you are sitting on your heavenly thrown.
Soon you’ll be coming home.
You’re beautiful.
You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful

When we arrive at eternity’s shore
When death is just a memory and tears are no more.
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and sing
‘You’re Beautiful’
You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful”  -You’re Beautiful by Phil Wickham

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