Friday, December 21, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

(Meant to be posted during the end of finals, oops!)
So I was about to write this blog and talk about all the bad things that have gone on this semester that I have not liked. But while typing I listened to Gungor's Beautiful Things and it hit me. If I keep talking about all the trials God put me through more than pointing back to the beauty he has put in my life than I just want for my flesh desires to be pitied by others. Sure, this semester was a new challenge than what I have experienced in the past, but wonderful things have also come about!

This is the first fall semester that no health problems occurred, so TU Health Center has not seen me at all! God knew my body must be strong in doing all the course work he asked of me.

I am living with such wonderful roommates! I am learning and growing with them. This is the first year that I have had roommates I knew and got along with. They provide me with laughter and open mouths for when I bake a little too much! We all have had more challenging semesters but we do not lash out at each other because of our stress, we rather try and make sure others are stress free! I am learning to serve these beautiful women because they are always giving to me when I don't deserve it.

Another place I have been complaining and feeling desperate is in Cru. But really God has done things through that ministry as well. We have some freshman students who are regularly coming for reasons beyond me, but the Lord is encouraging them to continue to come again and again. They jumped at the chance to go to Fall Retreat when we only announced it once! I have been so frustrated with my non involvement this semester because God put research there so that He could grow the ministry and that I would not try and make this my ministry. That was so humbling to experience and I am entering next semester with a better mindset to prepare for when I leave instead of trying to "leave a legacy" because God is not asking me to be remembered, but for Him to be the reminder that He is good enough for everyone.

In this time of challenge I left the Word, I did not make time in my life because I thought that time needed to be spent completing all my coursework. God kept teaching me and giving me time in church and at Fall Retreat to fall more and more in love with Him, but I was allowing myself only big gulps of water instead of taking sips of the living water each day. These past two weeks I knew I needed to be in the Word to get through finals, and my spirit has been unquenchable! I keep trying to find new studies through my Bible app on my phone to read and go through all at once. The Cru advent series is wonderful (I know the writer personally, he is so inspiring!) just go to and it should appear in the slide show, I encourage everyone to do that little devotional it is so eye opening yet simple!

Sometimes God uses times in the desert not to simply see the bad things going on that point to needing him, but to also see that desert rose in the land and realize the beauty in it. God gives me trials so that I might learn, that is the beauty of the trial in the first place! I disliked being in the desert, but looking back, God gave me more desert roses than I deserved and I am grateful that he did!

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