Monday, February 25, 2013

On A Journey to the Past

Going to Lake Hart (Cru International Headquarters) again this past weekend was such a blessing and heartbreak at the same time!

Walking into the airport and seeing all the familiar sights and knowing where I needed to go to be picked up, to being driven around, I felt like it was a dream. I knew the streets, the sights, the people! The hotel was mere blocks from Ventura which meant every memory and emotion from Summer Project came rushing back. I happened to get to Headquarters before other students and I kept thinking "Will Melanie come over and say hi? Courtney, Shela and Julia are working just over that wall!" But remembering that I (along with Ryan) were the only ones to actually come back to our summer home.

It was a beautiful weekend full of fellowship and reflection, what better way to be introduced to an internship! God happen to open my eyes to a potential job position down in Lake Hart which I was so desperate to find since considering applying to Cru Internship!

Something that really impacted me (as it did 7 months ago) was trying to have an eternal perspective. Our speaker throughout the weekend kept pointing to how I desperately need to stop thinking about the immediate steps or the future steps I will take on this earth, but rather what spiritual steps am I going to take? God is in control of my life on this earth because I gave him that privilege when I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Therefore my eyes should be set on the light God can be in this world through me. Instead of concentrating on graduation and getting A's in all of my classes, I need to be looking at the people around me, who have I talked with? Do they know there is a gift that they can receive and be changed forevermore? Where can God use me?

That is so humbling to realize. God pretty much said "Hey Elise, I have got your next step set, go back to Tulsa and just proclaim my name and share the good news you know about. I've got your back." My entire school career has been trying to figure out what in the world I will be doing outside of college, but God has been saying "Share my name, share your testimony, share the gospel." Sadly I have not done that as I should, but no more! This semester I don't want fear and trepidation to control me, Satan can't make me worry about my future anymore! I want to just experience the gospel and to share that experience with others.

Yes I am glad that God has shed a little light on what God could be doing through me with Cru, but really I don't know if I will live beyond today, so I can't concentrate so much on the future, but rather the moments I have with the people on this campus. That is why I loved this weekend so much.

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