Monday, March 25, 2013

My First Big Adventure!

College can be considered an adventure, but I think it was a safe adventure. I already knew what to expect being a student for 10+ years of my life and having a professor as a dad. But post-graduation, I have no knowledge system or true experience to glean from, so I consider this to be my next adventure!

I am off to Orlando, Florida!
Talk about going the farthest place possible from friends and family.

I have felt a tug at my heart to intern with Cru, but this year I really had to rely on God to show me exactly where He might desire me to go. I went to Winter Conference (a conference where hundreds of college students from the region gather and worship and learn about all the different things they could pursue in Cru) seeking an answer to this question and all I got was "Yes, I want you to intern." That really didn't answer my question, "where do you want me to go?"

So through prayer and guidance I felt like campus ministry was not right for me yet. TU Cru has been a blessing and struggle in that I have tried to make it my ministry, my mark on campus. And time and again God has reminded me that it is not mine, it needs to grow and be for God, not for my own pride. So while working with OSU would be insightful and allow me to work with students at TU, I knew it would be heartbreaking not to be closer and not as involved as when I was a student. So campus ministry was out, that left Regional Headquarters or International Headquarters.

I visited Austin, TX Regional Headquarters and was surprised at all of the people and the opportunities that I could pursue. When I left, I had no attachment to Orlando and kept an open mind for the next visit, thinking Austin might be the surprise choice (surprise in that in August I would have said Orlando all the way).

By the time I got to Orlando I actually had some negative emotions going back, especially where Summer Project was concerned. It hurt so much to be back and to realize my project friends were not there. That that time had come and pass, and that no matter what I did, it was in the past as a reminder and cornerstone for my faith, a season of life. By Friday (I got there Thursday afternoon) I was convinced that God must not want me back in Orlando, but I was also confused and did not feel like He had answered that question I had been asking Him all along, "Where God?" But He sat someone down right next to me at lunch and it just clicked. The potential job, the atmosphere, everything just felt right and I felt such peace.

So through application and interviews I found out I was accepted to work in Orlando, Florida at Lake Hart, Campus Crusade for Christ's International Headquarters. I could not be more excited and scared at the same time! I am going to move halfway across the country and live in Florida (I know, going to the one place hotter than Texas!) work in an office where I have no technical skills (majoring in Sociology and Psychology, it only gets you so far in a work force without a Masters) and just a bucketful of faith to lead me and guide me in this adventure! Like I prayed for last summer, God is putting me in a  place outside of my comfort zone (though with a little cushioning, I have worked at Lake Hart for 2 months! That gives me a slight edge, maybe?) yet growing me and challenging me along the way. I am so excited for this adventure, it is going to be emotional, wonderful, exciting, difficult, and joyous along the way! God is always in control, and I have to keep reminding myself of that throughout this journey, I don't need to be the pilot, just an active member of the crew!

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