Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Differnt Kinds of Services

Every time I am in need of some truth, God just plants Scripture right in my lap.

I have been meeting with wonderful people whom I have looked up to all my life. But I keep hitting a personal wall, my internship next year is not the type of service people see as being a missionary.

Hmmmm, well I see myself as a missionary, but is that wrong? No I am not going to feed children in Africa, but I am going to mobilize missionaries to be on college campuses to share the Gospel with students. Is that wrong? Is there only one kind of service that we as Christians can give? Do we have to choose and put all of our time and energy into just one kind of service?

I have been mulling this over and struggling with this question in my soul. Then God just plops some amazing Scripture in my sight that speaks great truth and understanding for me.

1 Corinthians 12:4-6 "Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but the same God who empowers them all in everyone."

Such a beautiful verse! There are lots of different gifts, no two are alike, no one is better than the other. I definitely have struggled with not appreciating my gifts and wanting another person's gifts from time to time. Mine aren't bad, I just know mine too well along with all the things I do to mess up using those gifts. And while our gifts are different and the couplings of gifts for one person is even more unique, all of them come from the same Spirit. It is what binds us to others and allows to admire what gifts other people posses.

The next section is the balm to to soul during this season. There are varieties of service. There is no one right way to serve others. When I think more on service, the definition that comes into my mind is helping others with a need they have. Sometimes we go out of our way to help someone we know, or someone we don't know, if we see hurt, pain, sadness, anger, happiness even, if they have a need, we desire to help in some way. Sometimes it is food, sometimes it is clothing, what about a kind word? If I allow myself to expand my thought process, I realize that what I am doing next year is a service. People need Jesus, specifically we all crave love, pure selfless love. We will never find that in humanity, because we fail. I fail all the time to love my brother and sister and parents, and they are the dearest people I know! But God is love, he can give people that unselfish, intimate, giving love that we crave. How can I not tell and show others that? That is what my internship is all about this next year. It is focusing on one kind of service, words. Telling others about the love of Jesus and also showing them through a relationship. Sure I am working behind the scenes to be customer service for people applying to be on campus to also serve college students, but my job allows me to help send others out. Also I get to interact with students every Friday, so I get to show love and speak love into their lives. No one service is the best, they are all special and needed in this world, and they all come from the same Lord (Jesus).

The last section is really humbling for me. There are a variety of activities, but one God who empowers them all in everyone. So I can't just stand in my little corner doing the one activity I feel comfortable with doing. Or my one service or one gift in one place. No no no, God has equipped as all to do anything. That doesn't mean I have to try and do everything all the time. But God might call me to do something outside of my comfort zone. He might ask me to be silent in a conversation or to share the Gospel to someone. God has equipped me to do anything He might call me to do.

This Scripture just reminds me that 1) no one gift, activity, or service is the "right" choice, there are many different ways to love people. 2) Everything good comes from the Lord, from evangelism to serving the homeless. 3) He equips us, and finally 4) there is no "one" way to do anything because people are multidimensional and thus are spoken to in different ways. Jesus approached people in different ways, sometimes he directly told them "no one comes to the Father except through me" and sometimes he healed a man of leprosy because that is how he saw the Truth of God. My internship will use various gifts, various services, various activities that some people might not like or feel uncomfortable about, but there all come from God, I am doing this purely from love that Jesus has showered on me that I want to show to others.

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