Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Say Something

I had this whole rant ready to leash into the great webisphere. About how people in the church should notice singles. I was ready to show how arguments are petty and stupid and the person sitting alone doesn't have the courage to say hi to new people every week in the hopes that someone will ask them a question.

But that is silly, because no one needs to be bashed and ridiculed. All I will say is if you see someone sitting alone at church, don't just compliment or say "hi" please please ask them questions. Open a little piece of your life to them because honestly you might not see that person in church much longer because they feel like no one knows them.

I know I can feel that being at a larger church. Single, capable working people who don't really have a ministry geared toward them and aren't really in a space to be in a relationship in order to meet other couples. We could all take time this next Sunday to reach out to someone who might not fit in our normal group we talk to. So please members of churches, just look around your normal group and ask someone sitting by themselves some questions to show that you care. Hey, maybe you will find a new friend in them that you would not have noticed.

Being single isn't a plea for help, don't take it that way, but it is hard when one person tries to connect with 2, 3, 5, 10 people in a group that all seem to know each other. And then they don't have the energy to go to church anymore because who will know? You could be the person that inspires them to keep going and to engage more and more.

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