Friday, January 29, 2016

Trying New Things

I hate resolutions. Even as a kid I never liked making goals. Probably because I thought resolutions were like people wishing on a star or rubbing a magic lamp - we could wish for big things but by December 31st we realize our wish didn't come true.

I probably became bitter about resolutions because many years I hoped to lose weight. Even when I was younger and not necessarily extremely overweight I wished upon that star. Over the years pounds have decided to love on my body and I then felt I had to try and force myself to feel the need to change my health each year so I became bitter because I felt hopeless in a cycle of dreaming but feeling trapped by my own addiction to food and not knowing how to change my choices and not feel like I was punishing myself.

When asked this New Year's Eve what resolution I had I candidly told those around me that I didn't love resolutions because I would inevitably fail and then self hatred would soon follow. Someone  mentioned how she was considering trying an idea from a TED talk she had listened to - to try (or eliminate) some habit in her life for 30 days. I immediately remembered the talk she was referring to by Matt Cutts. You can google it and watch his 3 minute talk on trying something new for 30 days.

This inspired me. I have a running list of "shoulds" that in themselves are not horrible things but my mind has shoved away because I should do it - rather than I could do it. Like yoga, reading a classic novel, meditating, etc. So I thought, why not make this a year of trying new things? Each month I plan to focus on one thing to try to add into my life in a little way.

January I called my month of Exploring - really that reads "Elise procrastinated putting anything down on paper to actually attempt anything in January." But I see this month as a success. I had told people I wanted to learn Python (a coding language) and I did take considerable time starting to learn it! I have been acquiring coloring books because studies show it can be therapeutic.  So a few times I did some coloring as I was watching Netflix. I mulled over what I wanted to do this next year - focusing on the areas of health - physical health, mental health and spiritual health. So while I didn't plan on exploring in January at the beginning of the month I found myself examining my habits and deciding to add new ones this year.

Rather than make a whole list that I need to implement now to make my life better - I will try one new thing each month. I have hopes that I will attempt to blog at least one entry each month just to reflect and mark how that month was. I might be cussing the whole way through learning the habit - but it will be a success because in the end - I struck with it. I did something new for 30 days and that is enough. That is a success in the midst of potentially failing my way through the month.

We will see how it goes! February 1st, I am going to start yoga. I will do 10 minutes of yoga each day before I go to sleep. I hope to reflect on this journey here but we shall see (cause let's be honest - my record in keeping up on this blog is dismal)!

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