Thursday, February 4, 2016

Attempting to be Flexible

So it's day 4 of February which means I am in the month of trying yoga.

My only expectations were that I do 10 minutes minimum of yoga before I go to sleep. I know myself and if I say "Oh Elise, do 30 minutes of yoga 3-4 days a week" do you know when I would do it? Never. I would have woken up February 1st and thought "Oh, I will do yoga tomorrow, I don't really want to do it today." And every day after that I would have said the same thing then frustrated at myself for not doing it.

Small steps when looked back will show my progress. Whereas imagining big steps forward would lead to a great destination, I likely would just stop and give up. I keep trying to remind myself of this.

I am really impressed with myself, cause honestly February 1st came along and I got my period. Forgive me blog gods but I am being candid for a good reason. I was given a great excuse to not even start yoga, because honestly who loves starting a new physical activity while on their period? No one. I could do a poll of every woman and they would have said "Elise, you deserve a little grace, just start yoga when you are finished with your period cause no one deserves punishment like that. And really what is 2-3 days of skipping with 25 days of success?"

But no, I knew that if I did not start yoga February 1st I would likely never start yoga in February and would have tried to move around my pretty schedule to try some other activity this month. Which then means rewriting my lovely schedule I painstakingly wrote out in pretty font.

February 1st came and I pulled out my iPad with my yoga app and selected the beginner's relaxation 10 minute class. (Read: not too many transitions and lots of sitting and breathing - but it counts!) And I completed it, period be damned!

And I have been doing it for four days! I have a history of giving up on exercise regimens after one week so we shall see how my mental warfare is after day 7, but today I only see victory!

Now, is my downward dog perfect? Far from it, I guarantee that the lady in the video looks nothing like me, but who gives a care? I am doing yoga during the day at my house, I doubt a die hard yogi is going to walk by the back porch and look in and say "Elise! You are doing it all wrong! You are a disgrace to yogis everywhere!!! Please stop for the sake of humanity!!"  But I doubt a yogi would ever say that to anyone ever. So I attempt each pose, sometimes having to modify or do a different pose cause my body is not in top shape (which I love and embrace) nor is it flexible (yet!).

Right now I do not detest yoga, though I don't doubt I will have days this month where I curse yoga because I am doing it at 10 pm to fulfill the whole "doing yoga before going to bed" rule I put in place.

But right now, I am stumbling through yoga and I am trying something new. YEA!!!

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