Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Goodbye Yoga, Hello Prayer

Well yesterday I did my final day of yoga.

Honestly - I didn't do it much this weekend. I was by myself most the weekend and I chose to be lazy.

But I did it - I tried something for a whole month!

I love this year simply because while I will not try to bully myself about not doing yoga consistently - I am aware it is something I can do. Like right now my hip is killing me - and my first thought is - I might want to do some yoga tomorrow if it still hurts. Wow! I wasn't thinking that 2 months ago when my knee or hip or back hurt. But since I have tried yoga I know that  while my downward dog is not pristine, I can do it!

Something that I have also found interesting is that through yoga I made myself wear yoga pants and a bra only. I am not a skinny athletic girl. But I knew I was doing this at home and my self esteem is pretty much just ignored by yours truly. Each morning putting on that outfit and even keeping it on was really invigorating. Through yoga I became more aware of my body and how it can move and by not covering up my imperfections I also embraced where my body is right now. My body is still a fascinating thing like everyone else's is! I can't ignore my body until it becomes the ideal size - because then I miss years of appreciating how God has created each bone and organ and how everything mysteriously works together!

Now I move onto prayer for March. I wasn't even really aware that this is the season of Lent when I planned it. I just knew that this is an area I want to engage more with God in.

My history of prayers is either trying to have a deep emotional response - like chills up my spine because I gain insight into something. Or my prayers are just gut retching honesty to God. There is a third - which is starting to pray then getting distracted 30 seconds into the prayer.

My expectations for prayer are only that I engage with God for 5-10 minutes before I got to bed. Some days I might do the above (let's face it, those are my go to styles!) Sometimes that might be literally sitting in bed making sure I talk to God about my day. Some days I hope to go through a new prayer practice or reflect a prayer via Pslam or some other writing.

We shall see how this goes! I'm off to pray!!